Meeting with Chairman University of Lahore (UOL)

  • تاریخ شروع : Sep 15 2021
  • تاریخ اختتام : Sep 15 2021
  • مقام : Khana Farhang Iran-Lahore
Meeting with Chairman University of Lahore (UOL)


Khana Farhang Consulate General Islamic Republic of Iran-Lahore and University of Lahore are in the progress of setting up a bilingual platform for the citizens of Iran and Pakistan to expedite mutual interests by facilitating learning of Persian language through specially designed programs; establishing interest-based connectivity under different bilateral scholarship and students/faculty exchange programs; convening Iranology Chamber at UOL for alliances in research and cultural activities.

Mr. Awais Rauf Chairman University of Lahore and Mr. Jafar Ronas Director General Cultural Centre Consulate General Islamic Republic of Iran-Lahore had a formal meeting on Tuesday September 15, 2021 at Cultural Centre of Iran in Lahore. The agenda of the meeting was regarding establishing an Iranology Chamber at University of Lahore and interest-based connectivity under different bilateral scholarships and students/faculty exchange programs.


Mr. Rauf while expressing his ideology and the main objective of meeting said: “we are here to discuss the mechanisms of collaboration between UOL and Cultural Centre of Iran-Lahore. Instead of approaching any western universities we should go in collaboration with our regional neighboring countries, like Iran.” While giving a reference to an Iranian Delegation’s visit to UOL Mr. Rauf continued: “when an Iranian delegation from Mashhad visited UOL teaching hospital, they appreciated and affirmed the medical teaching standards of UOL are higher than any other western medical institutes around the world.  And it is an honor of UOL to be recognized as a good academic ranked International Institute with contented environment to study in Pakistan, by the Ministry of Medical and Science of Iran.”  UOL is working with different countries under different educational and research based alliances. Now we are very keenly interested to move ahead with Iran as well.

Mr. Jafar Ronas, appreciated the ideas and UOL’s achievements so far, referred to the agenda of establishing an Iranology Chamber at UOL which have been discussed in a previous meeting and stated: “the main objective behind establishment of Iranology chamber at University of Lahore is not only facilitating Persian Language, in fact it will be an initiative to strengthen the Iran-Pakistan relationship, through two nations’ cross-cultural engagement and forming academic & research alliances.”

“Cultural Centre of Iran-Lahore, will provide literature resources, teachers and other cooperation in formation of Iranology Chamber at UOL and is also agreed to help in conducting Persian Language learning classes at the University”, Mr. Ronas Added. 

The DG of Cultural Centre, while pointing towards the idea of collaboration on Medical Sciences Studies stated that he would put forward the suggestion to the concerned Iranian Ministry and negotiate because that ministry is entitled to approve or disapprove all these educational alliances.” Mr. Ronas continued: “educational scholarships can be a good idea to start. I would like to see UOL’s Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with other foreign educational institutes. There is an important point as well that as the tuition fee of UOL is costly which can be a big hurdle for most of the Iranian students, otherwise the educational standard of the University complements our required educational standards.”


Both entities highlighted and discussed all the possible issues and obstacles regarding the establishment of educational alliances between the two countries and intended to go beyond these hurdles to strengthen the Iran-Pakistan’s brotherly relationship and comprehensive cooperation; introduce and promote bilateral culture and civilization; linguistics awareness; understanding of policies and importance in the global economy, among students.

Mr. Rauf expressed his wish to invite a delegation of Iranian Ministry of Medical and Science to visit UOL. Mr. Ronas assured his complete cooperation in this regard. 

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